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One of the quickest, simplest and most affordable ways to change the whole look and feel of a room is to change the window treatments. Wallpaper, fresh paint, or new furniture will, of course, nicely do that too. But changing the window treatments is something you can do yourself in no time at all, and the visual rewards are immediate.

If you prefer to have the focus of your room be away from the windows, and toward, for example, your furniture, or a colorful rug or wall hanging, the obvious choice for the window is a natural or neutral color, and a relatively simple style. Even a simple style, however, can be graceful and pleasing. Plain curtains can be tied back in the middle, down low or up high, depending what looks best to you.

Some people prefer more of the room focus to be on the windows, to complement or contrast with neutral color in their furnishings, or to emphasize a view out the window. In this case, perhaps more color or a bolder style in the window treatments is called for. Layering a top treatment over a curtain or a sheer, for example, definitely makes more of a statement at the window.

Window Treatments

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Choosing Colors

Colors in window treatments always play an important role in your overall decorating scheme. It’s common today to mix naturals and whites, or prints, stripes and solid colors. Warm shades of reds, yellows, and pinks will add life to a quiet room. Cool colors — gray, white or blue — are restful tones. Greens and browns are pleasing earth tones. The key is to pick colors that make you feel good, and that coordinate with or complement the other colors in your room.

Curtain Length

Curtain length is yet another factor to consider. Longer curtains will visually lengthen a window and add perceived height to a room. Curtains to the floor generally lend a more formal feeling to a room. Shorter curtains, to the sill, to the apron, or between the apron and the floor, feel more casual. Holding curtains back with fabric or rope tiebacks, or with holdback hardware, can visually widen a window.

Light Control

Then there’s the issue of light control. To soften and filter the incoming light, laces or sheers produce a wonderful effect, and lend themselves nicely to layering. To block out the light, consider a lined or insulated curtain, or a fabric shade. The latter choices will also afford privacy when you want it, and allow you to let in lots of light when you want that.

Rods and Hardware

Next, remember that hardware — curtain rods in various shapes, styles, and materials; finials; swag holders; etc — can help you to easily create the silhouette you want. Whether it’s tailored or ruffled curtains on continental or mesa rods, or tab curtains on wooden or wrought iron rods, or swags draped over wood, ceramic or glass swag holders, there’s a look available for every taste. 

Our Featured Brands

Graber Logo

Graber Blinds

Since 1939, the Graber® brand has been synonymous with window fashions. Originating with drapery hardware, then expanding into blind and fabric shade collections, Graber has been the name designers and decorators have come to depend upon for custom quality and timeless appeal.

The full line of Graber window fashions features everything you need to create classic looks, including the decorative hardware that frames your window with artistic style. In addition, you’ll discover many innovative features built right into your blinds and shades that make the function of your blinds as attractive as the fashion.

Horizons Logo

Horizons Window Fashions

If you can dream it, we can create it. Nothing thrills us more than an extraordinary, unique design. We do everything we can to turn your ideas into reality, and our products are truly made to order. Choose a fabric—one of ours or one of your own. Add decorative tapes and trims. Top it off with your choice of top treatment. Thanks to our highly skilled specialists and years of experience in custom-made window treatments, we can ensure that your concepts are implemented right down to the smallest detail.

Lafayette Logo

Lafayette Window Fashions

Whether your window covering needs are energy efficiency, light control, privacy or just dressing it up with draperies; Lafayette Interiors Fashions has the customized solution.

Lafayette Venetian Blind was established in 1950. Our core business at that time was the manufacturing of venetian blinds and awnings. We have grown steadily over the years and now operate in a 280,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Lafayette, Indiana. Lafayette Venetian Blind presently manufactures a vast product line of window and room fashions under the brand name of Lafayette Interior Fashions.

With the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our owners, and our strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Lafayette Venetian Blind has gained a significant reputation in the window fashions industry for our quality products and efficient service.

Our unique manufacturing process combines the proficiency of high-tech equipment with the quality of handcrafted workmanship and gives us the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Norman Shutter Logo

Norman Shutters

With over 40 years of excellence in crafting fine window furnishings,  Norman®’s quality has made it famous.  It’s what drives Norman® to innovate and why you will see it in every detail.  Few companies will farm their  own wood, make their own components, or weave their own cords.  At Norman®, everything matters and anything is possible.

Norman® strives to exceed the highest industry standards. That’s why Norman® is focused on leading the industry in quality, service, selection and value. From our patented performance and safety enhancing techniques, award-winning product designs, to our socially responsible processes in manufacturing and forestry, Norman® has a history of defining the future.

Alta Logo

Alta Window Fashions

As an industry leader in safety innovations, we thrive on playing a proactive role designing cordless options for every room and decor. Each and every collection offers smart choices ensuring style and peace of mind work hand-in-hand.

Alta is committed to offering a collection of custom window coverings
of lasting quality, exceptional value and timeless style. Our library of fabrics and materials ensure a designer’s touch that won’t exclude practicality.

Our pledge is to deliver that same experience for your next project. And the project after that. Because with Alta, you have a partner for life.

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